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'a perfect and unique little picture book [...] These sorts of stories which explain the world around us are such rare gems.'  @zooarchaeologis


We were thrilled to receive this review from @zooarchaeologis of the wonderful blog It's lovely to hear how Lilly Mae is sparking creative and dramatic activities.


'Its lovely living on a cloud like Lilly Mae, she changes the weather according to her moods. I think she must be living on a cloud above England at the moment because the weather seems to be changing every five minutes; one minute its hot and sunny, the next there are hailstones, just like in Lilly Mae’s world.


Again Ruth Thorp has illustrated a perfect and unique little picture book, her design skills simply shine through the pages and the story written by Sarah Mahfoudh is wonderfully unique amongst the current crop of picture books. I must admit it reminded me of the Viking Saga about Freya which I loved reading when I was little. These sorts of stories which explain the world around us are such rare gems.


Fifi (6) and Ned (3) really loved this story and found it quite inspirational. They loved the illustrations, especially Lilly Mae’s dress sense. Its definitely resulted in quite a lot of dramatic and active role playing this Easter break.


This book would make an excellent gift for your child or a present, not least because its properly unique being published by an independent publisher and with a real art book feel about it. Its one that you are sure to treasure and your child will keep for their little ones.' Claire from Being a Mummy



'This is a delightful book with clever rhymes and lovely illustrations. Definitely recommended.' Jan Shepherd


'A wonderful rhyming, picture book that informs about the weather as well as a good read for younger children! Lends itself to a series. Delivery First class' Susan Wilson



A glowing review from  Ryan of the fantastic parenting blog DadCreek. So lovely to hear both children and parents are enjoying reading Lilly Mae:


'I've read to both of my children since they were still inside their Mothers belly and still do so everytime I get the chance to do so. I firmly believe that it's one of the best ways of bonding with your child as a Father. With children aged 2 and 11 months, I judge the books that I read to them on 2 levels. If my children sit still from start to finish then it means it is visually very good, and the imagery has held their attention sufficiently. If I sit still from start to finish, then it means it was written well enough for me not to skip pages and I've enjoyed reading it. When you get both of those things in the same book, then you know you've got a keeper. That's exactly what we discovered the first time we sat down to enjoy Lilly Mae; a collaborative effort from author Sarah Mahfoudh and illustrator Ruth Thorp. "Again? Again! Again?". We read it cover to cover 4 times in a row without pausing for breath.


Lilly Mae lives on a cloud and controls the weather depending upon her mood (almost exactly what happens in our house if I'm honest). The colour schemes, imagery and fonts change depending on the weather, making you anticipate each turn of the page and the next illustrative masterpiece that awaits. The connections between emotions and weather in this book are subliminal genius and will have your child learning without them even knowing. By the time we had read the book for the 3rd and 4th time, Clayton was looking out of the window saying 'happy' as he recognised the sun to be shining. I'm looking forward to seeing his reaction the next time we read the book, depending on the weather at the time. Lilly Mae conjures up rain, hail, thunder and winds as well as the happy sunshine - just because we're in the middle of a British summer doesn't mean that any of those aren't a possibility to enhance our reading experience!


Created by a pair of talented, young Brits and published by an independent British publisher, this rhyming picture book can be enjoyed by all ages. It's easy on the eye, flows off the tongue and encourages interaction. The Dad Creek household thoroughly recommends it for you and your family!' Ryan of DadCreek



We were delighted when Danielle from The Tester Family asked to review Lilly Mae (and The Squawks) and even more delighted to hear how much Tianna enjoyed reading it with her:


'Lilly Mae is the story of a little girl who lives in the clouds and controls the weather depending on how she feels. She is finicky, feisty and fun.


Tianna really enjoyed this story and the illustrations were bold and beautiful. As well as the fun of this rhyming tale, it also offers a glimpse into the topic of mood, and demonstrates the normality of 'good days' and 'bad days'.

This book is a fantastic tool for parents and children alike. It opens up a dialogue on mood and how our emotions can affect our actions - and how, in turn, our actions affect other people. These types of books; stories  with a modern moral message are the type that demonstrate why books are just so important for children. Some conversations simply cannot be had, or comprehended by little ones, yet books such as Lilly Mae offer a fantastic way to translate serious matters into digestable bedtime learning. I would thoroughly recommend this book.


Overall we would recommend both of these books 100%! The stories are captivating and  the illustrations are stunning and really come to life. These are books which can be treasured and read over and over again without losing their fantastic  energy!' Danielle of Tester Family



A wonderful review by the lovely Book Lover Jo:


'In ‘Lilly Mae’ Ruth Thorp has made a picture book with her sister Sarah Mahfoudh about a little girl who is able to magically control the weather.


It has a very similar style to ‘Squawks’ in that it uses a simple but vibrant palette throughout and has a beautiful tone which makes it a joy to read aloud. Lilly Mae lives on a cloud and chooses what the weather will be she can make it rain and tell the wind to blow.


It is a very read and when sharing it I found myself naturally drawn to demonstrating all of the different weathers to the children and got them to join in. We enjoyed pretending to be rain and wind which caused great hilarity especially when we got to be the CRASH of thunder. But the weather is also a reflection of how Lilly Mae feels when she's sad it rains, hails and blows a gale. The people in the story want to help make Lilly Mae feel better but she is happy to feel how she wants to and eventually she feels better and makes the sun smile again. Again I feel this is a lovely way to discuss emotions with a young child it can help explain about how sometimes we don’t feel happy but happiness will return.' Jo Clarke




Lovely Amazon Reviews


My girls (5 & 8) really enjoyed Lilly Mae. It tells the tale of a little girl who lives in the cloud and controls the weather, depending on her emotions. It cleverly and subtly deals with the topic of changing mood and good days vs bad days, and helps children to understand and process that. I would highly recommend. Miss DC Gregory


Came across this book at a craft fare in Narberth yesterday and immediately fell in love with this book. A delightful story! Will be included in someone's Christmas stocking this year no doubt. S Probert Pembs