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'a perfect and unique little picture book [...] These sorts of stories which explain the world around us are such rare gems.'  @zooarchaeologis


Sarah is a writer, editor, personal trainer and dance instructor living in Oxfordshire with her partner, Sam, and their daughter, Freya.


Her passions in life include keeping fit, running, dancing, reading, writing and baking. She believes in enjoying life to the full and doing things that make her happy. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) the list of things that make her happy is pretty extensive, so she spends a lot of time frantically running from the gym to Pilates, to dancing...


And then there’s the other side of her personality: the homebird; a lazier, less active person who loves to slob out in her pyjamas eating yummy food and drinking frothy coffees. This is the side of Sarah that sits still for hours reading a book or writing a novel, and the side that loves children’s books, great films, magic, dragons and fairies.


Sarah's latest book will be published on December 1st and is available for pre-order on kindle now. Faces in the Water is a magical fantasy novel for young adults.


'Fourteen-year-old Eshna has always known she is different – she can hold light in her hand and form pillars out of water – but it is not until her father is killed in a brutal mugging that she really begins to discover who she is and what she is capable of.


All alone in the world without anyone to turn to, and scared of what the authorities will do when they find out, Eshna escapes from the hospital where she is being treated and runs to a beach, miles from town...which until night falls appears deserted. It’s then that she hears the voices in the darkness and sees the eerie shapes in the water that will change her destiny forever.


When morning dawns, Eshna is dragged into a new world, full of magic and intrigue; a world that needs saving. But is Eshna really the one they have been waiting for, and can she help?'



Sarah’s head is always full of stories; Ruth's head is always full of colours. Both their heads are full of characters and they have teamed up as writer and illustrator to create Lilly Mae - their first collaborative rhyming picture book.

RUTH THORP Illustrator & Designer

Ruth is a designer, illustrator and writer. She graduated from the University of Bath in 2008 with a first class honours degree in Architecture and has since combined working in a busy design practice in the centre of Bath with exploring her own creativity.


She loves coffee, dancing, great design, beautiful spaces, beach walks and reading.


She formed Ruth Thorp Studio in 2013 to showcase her work in illustration, surface-pattern design, original paper products, graphics, branding and website design.


Her first book ‘The Squawks’ was published by Raw Mixture Publishing in April 2014. Written in a tongue-twisting rhyme and fully illustrated in a bold graphical style the book is about an irresistible community of quirky birds.


Ruth's thrid and latest picture book 'Squiggle Bee' was published in November 2015. Written in rhyme, with bright textured illustrations, it is a story about a happy little bee trying to find her place in the world.


Ruth's illustrations have also been published in 'Soul Manifestos & Pieces of Joy' written by her father, Steve Thorp.

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